Trolysis - Powering the Future

Powering the Future

Turn aluminum and water into hydrogen and electricity. Meet the new revolution in renewable energy.

A Unique Solution to the Hydrogen Problem

Hydrogen is a curious element that was destined to power our cars and homes, but there are a few problems. Producing hydrogen (until now) has been a wasteful process. This, combined with the danger of transport/storage mean it has been impractical for widespread use, but what if everyone had a miniaturized hydrogen power plant that used cheap aluminum as fuel?
Problem Solved.


No moving parts means the only sound you’ll hear is a quiet stream of water


Our system produces no harmful byproducts meaning it’s completely safe for indoor use

Cost Effective

By utilizing aluminum as fuel, our system produces some of the cheapest electricity on the planet

Easy To Use

We engineered our system to be simple and friendly to use. Just add aluminum

CO2 Negative

This system is able to produce clean hydrogen with no carbon pollution is put back in the atmosphere


Our system is completely scalable, meaning it can be used to power everything from cellphones to cities

How Does It Work?

While our system is extremely advanced in its design and capabilities, the concept is simple. By orchestrating a series of chemical reactions, we can split the molecules of ordinary water to create hydrogen fuel.

Below is an outline of the 4 basic steps.

1: Input

When the user inputs aluminum, the system strips it of a thin natural coating. This coating is what prevents aluminum from reacting with liquids in everyday use.

2: Electrolysis

Once the barrier is stripped, the aluminum is introduced to water, where it causes a chemical reaction that splits the water into separate hydrogen and oxygen molecules.

3: Conversion

The hydrogen from the reaction is collected and fed through a fuel cell where it is converted to electricity. Since the hydrogen does not have to be stored, there is no risk of fire or explosion.

4: Recycling

After the reaction is complete, the barrier that was stripped in step 1 is filtered out, at which point it can be recycled back into pure aluminum or easily disposed of.

Impactful products require incredible design combined with innovative technology, always keeping people in mind.

We’re building a smart product that will change the way we look at our energy. Our team consists of experts from diverse backgrounds and skillsets. We create extraordinary solutions that marry design and technology in smart ways that never lose sight of the human factor. It’s our ethos


Josiah is a serial entrepreneur and technical founder with a passion for renewable energy. He has founded and worked with companies in Silicon Valley and New York City and serves as an adviser to Silicon Valley Bank

Josiah Nelson

Co-Founder & CEO

A ‘Forbes 30 Under 30’ awardee who is a renowned Energy industry visionary. His portfolio boasts of everything from solar panel research at NASA P.S.G.C to Grid Modernization engineering at utility giant AEP.

Tirthak Saha

Co-Founder & CTO

Bob is a leader in sales & renewable energy. He sold over $1B in systems for Bloom Energy, a fuel cell manufacturer, and was Co-president of the Young Professionals In Energy Bay Area chapter

Bob Wilson

Director of Sales

All it takes is Aluminum, water and a little magic

Using our system is simple, even though it sounds like sci-fi. All you have to do is put in raw aluminum (like soda cans), fill the tank with water, and you can start producing clean electricity within three minutes.


Our system can be scaled to power everything from cellphone batteries to whole power grids. Below are a few applications where our system will be used

Utility Companies

Our system is the only renewable energy method which can be scaled to full capacity in under 3 minutes. This means it can provide instant power to meet the fluctuating demand of a power grid at a cost that is 82% cheaper than the US Average


Our system can be used to power homes (in some cases, with nothing more than the waste they produce). This system can be used to augment solar installations or run as a standalone system to power your home and reduce your energy costs.

Electric Vehicles

Imagine never having to stop at a charging station again, or going on a cross-country road trip without mapping out places to charge. With our system, your EV can charge while its driving so you can explore without boundaries.

Our team comes from a diverse range of innovative companies, schools and publications. These are just a few of the many great places our team members have been a part of.


Our system isn’t available to the public yet, but we’re expanding every day. Get on the waiting list and you’ll have exclusive early access when we start taking orders in your city

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Trolysis, Inc

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