Clean hydrogen fuel can be generated without the use of electricity

Although hydrogen fuel is a green and renewable form of alternative power, the same can’t always be said for the production process used to create this fuel. In fact, currently, the leading hydrogen fuel production method is steam-methane reformation. This process is not only costly but it is also damaging to the environment.

Trolysis has worked on overcoming these issues by inventing a sustainable and eco-friendly solution that allows for the production of on-demand hydrogen for everyday use. This is accomplished by taking advantage of a widely unused chemical element – aluminum.

“For the longest time, the only economical way of producing hydrogen for mass consumption was to pry it out of fossil fuels,” says Tirthak Saha, Trolysis co-founder and CEO, reported Forbes. “What we’re doing is reclaiming the wasted side of aluminum and putting it back into the economy,” Saha added. If applied for large scale commercial use, Saha believes that industrial clean hydrogen fuel like Torlysis’, can decrease the level of CO2 emissions and reduce the onslaught of climate change.

Annie Brown