Trolysis Announces Development of its Long-Awaited Flagship Product

Renewable energy company Trolysis, founded by a team with backgrounds ranging from Google, Fitbit, Harvard, Stanford and MIT, announced today that they have begun development on their much-anticipated flagship consumer product.

Trolysis is known for developing a system to harness aluminum as fuel to create electricity at a drastically cheaper cost than current methods, however many have been anticipating the implementation of the technology in a consumer system which can be attached to homes for individual-scale energy production.

"We've been developing the technology for years and our goal has always been to bring it to consumers, but it had to be the right application. We had to marry our cutting-edge technology with exceptional aesthetics and ease of use," says Josiah Nelson, Co-Founder & CEO. "To put our name on a product, it had to check all the boxes and what we've landed on has far exceeded our expectations."

Annie Brown