Dedicated experts with a proven record of success.



The team and board of advisors comprises of rich, diverse backgrounds and includes an enviable portfolio of past work experiences such as Google, Y-Combinator, NASA, American Electric Power, Airbus, The Gates Founation, etc. and honors like a Forbes 30 Under 30 title and a US National Medal of Technology.

The people of Trolysis range from ex-founders, visionary engineers, to impactful marketing strategists who all shared one common goal: change the direction the world is heading in.


Josiah Nelson
CEO / Co-Founder

Tirthak Saha
CTO / Co-Founder

Annie Brown

Cooper Lower
Product Manager 

Lauren Ohnesorge
Project Manager


Board of Advisors


Aaron Greenwald
Venture Partner @NextGen Ventures, Ex-Airbus, Ex-Booz Allen, MIT

Dr. Jerry Woodall
Distinguished Professor, UC Davis, National Medal of Technology and Innovation Laureate

Curren Kulkarni
Ex-Goldman Sachs