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Pilot Unit

Pilot Unit

Our system solves many of the problems facing hydrogen adoption with better efficiency than many of the current leading methods of hydrogen generation and energy storage.

Our process uses a chemical treatment process to strip a naturally occurring oxide barrier layer off of recycled aluminum metal. The treated aluminum is then able to react with water (any water will do – brackish or distilled) and split the water into hydrogen and oxygen. The input aluminum is recoverable 100% as alumina which is a commodity in high demand in the Semiconductors and Abrasive Manufacturing industries with no way of producing it other than mining Bauxite. If needed, it can also be converted back into Aluminum by aluminum production plants.

There are no harmful emissions, no carbon release, and operates at an efficiency higher than other leading methods of Hydrogen production. Our engineering design ensures that our systems are modular, scalable, and distributed, meaning hydrogen production is now customized, on-site, and on-demand eliminating Hydrogen transport and storage costs.


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